July 9, 2015

We Noticed: Wynwood Arts District Miami

Industrial Design is a broad field, covering a lot of ground.  That’s just one of the many perks of the profession we love.  Architecture. Interior Design. Brand Development:  Any discipline that affects our physical and aesthetic environment is impacted by the design principles included in the curriculum of an Industrial Designer.

The wide-ranging nature of Industrial Design has allowed us to work across a variety of fields at CMDG. And because our job requires us to re-imagine work in each of those areas, we’re always on the look-out for new, better ways to implement existing designs.  It’s a bit of a habit with us.

But a couple of weeks ago while on vacation in Miami, we came across something so remarkable, so fresh, it flipped our artistic comfort level upside-down. It’s called the Wynwood Arts District, and we can’t imagine how anyone could ever improve it.

wynwood strip

Wynwood Art District Miami

Until a few years ago, Miami’s Wynwood district was a dilapidated industrial neighborhood, filled with derelict factories and abandoned warehouses.  But starting around 2009, all those cavernous, unused spaces began to attract the attention of artists in search of large, inexpensive spaces to make and display art.  Much like New York City’s Soho neighborhood in the 1970s, Wynwood quickly blossomed into an arts district, filled with studios, galleries, performance spaces, and entertainment venues.

Today, Wynwood Miami is one of the largest open-air street art installations in the world, hosting over 70 galleries and museums.

Best of all, the art isn’t confined to the outside of the building. Each structure allows graffiti and street artists to use its exterior walls as canvases.  As you can see in our photos, these are not your average graffiti-tagged buildings. The work on display at Wynwood is some of the most forward-thinking art we’ve ever seen. It’s expressive, vibrant, cutting-edge stuff.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite from all the work we saw, but Bicicleta Sem Freio definitely stands out. They’re a pair of Brazilian illustrators and designers whose work includes everything from rock concert posters to a line of Nike apparel. The third picture from the top, above, is theirs. You can’t get a true sense of the level of detail from just a photo, but we were blown away.

If you have plans to travel to Miami, we can’t recommend the Wynwood district highly enough. Wynwood, along with Art Basel–which attracts artists and art-lovers to Miami for four days in December every year–is contributing to Miami’s reputation as one of the world’s premier art destinations.


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May 29, 2015

Better Living Through Technology

Whether you’re a chef, an amateur cook, or a kitchen novice, you’re sure to recognize all of the familiar implements featured in this visual portfolio by Armosa Studios, albeit in a slightly unfamiliar form.

Re-imagining the familiar: it’s a bit of an obsession for us at CMDG, where we’re always looking for ways to improve even the most common household items. Like the Cube Grater. We designed this compact grater in partnership with Microplane. Three different grating surfaces allow for quick work grating cheese or citrus zest while the measurement container holds up to 1½ cups and doubles as a storage container and blade cover when not in use.

If you think any of the featured products might make for better living in your kitchen, we’ve listed each of them below at our partner sites.

Microplane Cube Grater


Crisp Lettuce Knife


Crisp Salad Tongs


Microplane Spiral Cutter


Crisp Wavy Knife


Healthy Steps Dressing Cruet


Crisp Melon Baller http://crispcooking.com/products/fruit-preparation/melon-baller

Crisp Berry Basket


Crate and Barrel Matte Shiny Stainless Steel Spatula


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April 8, 2015

Crate and Barrel April Inbox Inspiration


Long before we had the honor of working with Crate & Barrel, we were die-hard fans.  C&B’s commitment to design integrity and accessibility, the assurance of quality and authenticity inherit in their brand, earned our loyalty as customers long before we ever dreamed we’d one day have the honor of working with them.

It’s been one of the great pleasures of our professional lives to have our work featured by a company we’ve long admired, both as designers and consumers.  So to open our email Saturday morning and discover Crate & Barrel had selected CMDG as one of their April Inbox Inspirations was a genuine thrill.

We’d like to thank Crate & Barrel for including our work side-by-side with some of our favorite artists in the design world—not just in April, but year-round.

Because, at Carter McGuyer Design Group, every month with Crate & Barrel is an inspiration.

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June 12, 2014

Our Brand Story

Recently, CMDG enlisted the help of local creatives Wes and Tera Wages of Armosa Films and Armosa Studios to help us share our brand. The result, a beautiful video that tells our story, shares our interests, and gives insight into all things CMDG.

We hope our words strike your interest and even provide you with a little inspiration.

If you’re interested in working with CMDG to develop a product idea, need someone with manufacturing know-how or want access to any of our other services, please contact us at info@cartermdesign.com. We’d love to hear from you.

You can view our Brand Story below or by visiting our website.

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May 14, 2014

We’re up to Something…

…and can’t wait to share it with you. Until then, here’s a sneak peek.






All photography by Armosa Studios.

A special thank you to Kellie & Joey Poss for the use of their beautiful kitchen!

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May 8, 2014

A Note for Moms

Mothers Day image copy

Throughout childhood, we call for Mom when we fall down, when the darkness is too scary at bedtime, when someone hurts our feelings, when brother or sister won’t share. She is our caretaker and comforter. She is our fearless leader, wound-healer, number one fan, and example.

In adulthood, she loves our children [more than she loves us – if that’s even possible]. She spurs us on to live out our dreams and move mountains while she looks on with constant support. She remains our comforter. She is considered a friend.

Mothers hold a special place in our hearts, but at CMDG, we also know that there are many strong, influential women who serve in irreplaceable roles; women who may not be called ‘mom.’ So whether you are a biological mother, adoptive parent, grandmother, aunt, step-mother, sister, or friend, we salute you.

Here’s to moms of all names, shapes, and sizes! YOU are making a difference in the world. You instill confidence, passion, creativity, love, and laughter and you deserve to be celebrated. Happy Mother’s Day!

– From all of us at CMDG


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May 1, 2014

Southern Makers 2014

The coming weekend marks the 2nd Annual Southern Makers event in Montgomery, Alabama. This one day celebration of all things Southern brings together top creators from Alabama [and beyond] to share their expertise.

Located in a downtown train shed, Southern Makers boasts an open-air market with a variety of vendors. This year you’ll find a host of artists from our local Shoals community including fashion designers Billy Reid and Natalie Chanin, artist Audwin McGee, the brothers of Shirey Ice Cream and more.

Southern Makers 2013

Credit: Southern Makers & Michelle Marie Photography

We know it’s hard to choose between all of the music festivals and summer happenings, but in our opinion, Southern Makers has everything you need to kick-off the summer right. It combines music, food, design, art, brews, fashion, and craft together with shopping, tasting, workshops and discussions. No doubt you’ll leave Montgomery feeling enriched and appreciative of the creative culture of the south.

Visit the Southern Makers website for a schedule of workshops, a list of makers, and to buy tickets.

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April 23, 2014

Spring Refresh: Jeff Lewis

Designer and house flipper extraordinaire Jeff Lewis has long been an inspiration to the CMDG team. His aesthetic speaks to our love of details. His use of brilliant patterns, textures, and artwork pull at our heartstrings. It’s almost like he designs with us in mind.

One branch of his ever-growing brand is a release of 32 base paint colors under the name Jeff Lewis Color. These neutrals fall into six different categories – whites, greens, grays, blues, beiges, and browns – and have us itching to paint something…anything.

We see spring as a time of renewal, a time to clear out clutter, simplify and freshen up. Sometimes, it seems to scream, “hey, lighten up. Make a Mint Julep!” [But that’s neither here nor there.] Lately, we’ve been thinking of a different kind of refreshment. A new look.

We have chosen a few of our favorite colors from the Jeff Lewis collection to inspire a spring face-lift for any room. We can’t get enough of these [dare we say] bold neutrals.

Jeff Lewis Color 1

In Carter’s opinion, Jeff Lewis has perfected the gray palette. He envisions a room of Agave walls paired with dark accent pieces in shades like Carbon and Perfect Storm. Add Sky and Smoke furnishings to lighten up the look.

Brandi has her eye on a slightly darker palette. She envisions Gravel walls with doors and molding in Knight. Mix in elements of Ink Blot, Lake, and Atlantic for an edgy look that is just her style.

Jeff Lewis Color 2

We’d love to see what ideas you have come up with to refresh your home, office, or garden this spring. Share your looks with us on Pinterest by using #CMDGrefresh, and we’ll choose a few of our favorite pins to post on our own Refresh Board.

For more on Jeff Lewis Color and inspiration for your own spring room refresh, visit jefflewiscolor.com.


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April 16, 2014

We Noticed: Fusionbrands

Founded in 2007, Fusionbrands’ signature design aesthetic is said to be achieved by ‘discarding the blueprints of our predecessors and abandoning standard practices.’ They use experimentation as an outlet for their creativity, and in turn, it results in some seriously cool products.

Housewares. As Brandi says, these are products you didn’t know you needed – but you do. Their playful creations are simple, colorful, and simultaneously unconventional and sensible.

Pittsford, New York

We met owners and designers, Kraigh & Anna in 2005 at the Gourmet Housewares Show in Las Vegas [pre-CMDG] when we were up for the same design award.

When we first met Kraigh & Anna, they had developed one product. From that product, they built one of the most innovative and fresh companies in the housewares industry, notes Carter. They pay insane attention to detail and create practical products with edge. We’ve enjoyed watching them grow into a major housewares company over the years – a force.

Not only do we admire their company, we appreciate their friendship.

There has been a mutual respect between the four of us from the beginning. We stay in contact and even after 10 years, we meet up for dinner and drinks when we find ourselves in the same area of the country.

We connect on a host of levels from the size of our companies to working as husband-wife teams to appreciating mid-century modern architecture.

Design motivates us. Commonalities link us.

We know a wealth of opportunity lies ahead for Fusionbrands and wish only the best for Kraigh & Anna in their continued growth.


foodpod (1)

Fusionbrands FoodPod:

A silicone cooking tool perfect for boiling, blanching, or steaming a wide array of foods – from eggs to vegetables to shellfish. The FoodPod keeps foods contained for easy cooking and quick removal from water.

For a full look at Fusionbrands’ not-so-common, common household items visit their website or one of their many, many retailers.



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April 9, 2014

We Noticed: A New Series

We appreciate quality craftsmanship in all aspects of life. If you know us, you know we enjoy the art of a well-made drink, a nicely tailored garment, small details in the architecture of a building – we could go on and on, but you get the point.

We live and love design.

And because we are always on the lookout for first-rate handiwork, we have quite a long list of makers, companies, and products we admire. To pay our respects to these creatives, we are introducing a new series on our blog entitled “We Noticed.”

We noticed. image

Once a month [or so] we will give a virtual pat on the back to those we hold in high regard. And while we can’t share every product we appreciate or company we’ve had the pleasure of working with, we do think it’s important to put a small dent in our ever growing list of praiseworthy connections.

In this series, you can look forward to meeting some of our colleagues and friends and discovering some kick-a$$ designs. We’ll introduce you to influential entrepreneurs and…well, we don’t want to give away too much just yet.

Our first highlight of the series will be posted next week. We hope you’ll tune in as we launch our first introduction. We have a big respect for this husband-wife duo who also happen to be our colleagues, friends, and [on one occasion] our competition.

To be continued…


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